Ищу работу: Backend and Technology Developer, C# and Rust only

Extensive development experience with C# .NET, networking and asynchronous applications (since 2009). Worked on tools, multiplayer Unity3D games and game servers.

I'm looking for a C# or Rust project to develop programming related tools, frameworks and technology - the stuff that others programmers use.

Also I would be interested in a project related to high load or low latency distributed server solutions (e.g. game servers). I like refactoring, optimizing and automating stuff.

• Extensive Visual Studio + ReSharper experience
     ○ Good understanding of C# code style guidelines
     ○ Incredible skills in refactoring and code cleanup
• Familiar with many patterns and principles including GOF, SOLID, DRY, OOP
• Asynchronous programming including lock-free approach, volatile and async-await internals
     ○ Developed an actor-based concurrency framework usable with async syntax
(aka fibers, aka green threads)
     ○ Invented own asynchronous streams before they were added to .NET
• Unity3D games and server development, AOT platforms
     ○ Developed a MOBA game for iOS as a lead server developer
     ○ Development of a stock market trading simulator online game
     ○ Developed a Unity3D plugin for visual programming
• Performance optimization enthusiast
     ○ Developed a profiler with IL instrumentation
     ○ Experienced with Visual Studio and dotTrace profilers
     ○ Good understanding of GC mechanics
• Sockets and networking: developed a networking RPC framework with own binary protocol and optimized it so that the core part could take up to 60000 active connections on my local Core i7
• Security: I’m pretty good at ensuring it and seeing the possible vectors of hacker attacks
• Reflection and IL generation
     ○ Developed a networking framework for games that does a serialization with delta synchronization feature
     ○ Developed a fork of protobuf-net serializer to fix reference-tracking and add support for other C# language features like nested collections and jagged arrays
        GitHub - AqlaSolutions/AqlaSerializer: Binary serializer with full .NET support!
     ○ Maintaining a wrapper around Reflection.Emit to generate IL using C#-like syntax
        GitHub - AqlaSolutions/runsharp: Aqla.RunSharp is a fork of RunSharp from Google Code with IKVM support

Skype: vbprogr